Further to our most recent newsletter, here are the answers to our lockdown emoji quiz!

Julie – Scrapbooking and dog walks

Jas – Studying (and sorting out her office!)

Dan– Jigsaw puzzles! (The golf course is closed)

Petina – Homeschooling (She’s now called Mrs Solly!)

Carrie – Home workouts and finishing her Master’s degree

Debbie – Walking and wine (but not necessarily in that order!)

Tristan – following their wonderful wedding at the start of March, Tristan and Mandy managed to get on honeymoon to Vienna and safely back. He’s now been thrown straight into husband duties by fitting a wooden floor!

Sergio – has been super busy with Telehealth appointments but when he has had spare time he has been doing lots of home workouts

Nick Laura and Theo – Family bike rides around Windsor park and ALOT of Paw Patrol!

Naomi – hoovering her deck?!?! (But it does mean it’s nice and clean for her online sports therapy and personal training sessions!)