Our Chiropodist and Podiatrist

The titles “Podiatrist” and ‘Chiropodist’ are protected in the UK and all practitioners must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. All podiatrists are educated to degree level and are required to continue their  learning through continual profession development (CPD) every year.

Tristan White, Podiatrist at Staines Chiropractic
Tristan White
BSc (Hons), MChS

Tristan is a Podiatrist, graduating from the University of Brighton in 2009 and registered with the HCPC. He is enthusiastic and passionate about Podiatry as well as sharing the core beliefs of the Staines Chiropractic team; continually developing his knowledge and skill base, keeping up to date with the latest research and treating his patients in a professional yet friendly manner.

Tristan is able to treat a wide variety of conditions; these include everything from general foot care for nails, callus and corns to Nail-Surgery for Ingrown Toenails. He can also assess and treat a multitude of conditions such as foot pain, knee pain and in some cases lower back pain through controlling your foot posture, or in other words stabilizing your foundations.

The biomechanical aspect of Podiatry is of particular interest to Tristan; having undertaken extra research in this area. Since qualifying he has actively sought to continually develop his knowledge and experience through attending international Podiatric conferences and practical workshops on the latest techniques.