UK Lockdown 2.0

Following the announcement on the 31st October and subsequent clarification from our professional associations, we are pleased to announce that we are permitted to stay open during the UK's second [...]

Covid-19: Changes to the way we work

Following a long period of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on 18th May 2020 we opened our clinic doors for urgent face-to-face appointments. On 15th June we opened for [...]

What does Chiropractic mean?

Chiropractic literally means ‘hand action’ or 'done by hand' and this is largely what we do in our treatment of patients. Instead of drugs, medicines or machines, we correct mechanical [...]

  • Travelling with back pain

Travelling with Back Pain

Most of us probably know the basic tips for and surviving a long haul flight; keep moving, hydrate, avoid alcohol and caffeine etc, but what about if you are travelling [...]

How to prevent back pain

Recent News Review - ‘How to prevent back pain?’ The Guardian, August 26th 2019 Did you see the latest article in The Guardian which featured a UK Chiropractor from the [...]

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