X-Rays and scans at Staines Chiropractic

We can offer a very cost-effective and efficient private referral service. You are usually able to get an appointment within 3 working days.

These are great at viewing the bones and joints. Despite not being quite as comprehensive as an MRI scan, X-rays are much cheaper and are still considered the first choice for many complaints. To take an x-ray it involves a brief exposure to radiation and although the effects of the radiation are carefully controlled, there must be a good clinical reason for having one taken. For this reason, you must undergo an consultation with the chiropractor before you will be referred for an x-ray.

MRI scans are very comprehensive and will show the soft tissues (eg nerves, muscles, ligament and tendons) as well as the bones and joints. Unlike an x-ray, there is no radiation involved with having an MRI scan but there are still certain safety requirements before you can be referred.

These are portable scanning machines that can measure the strength/density of your bones. The results can be used to assess your risk of osteoporosis (bone weakening) and fracture risk. Depending on the results, you may be advised to change your diet, change you exercise regime or take medication to help strengthen your bones. After a period of time, your bone strength can be re-measured to gauge if it has become stronger.

This is similar to the ultrasound machines used when having a pregnancy scan, however, the machine is tuned to pick up the muscles, ligaments, tendons and inflammation instead. Although they are able to detect many soft tissue injuries, they any not be as accurate as and MRI scan for certain areas of the body.