Podiatry treatment in Staines

Podiatry describes the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the foot and its related structures.  These conditions could be caused through sporting injury, structural abnormalities or an alteration of mechanics in the back, hips, knee or ankle. Common examples include heel pain or plantar fasciitis, achilles injuries, arthritis and shin splints.  At Staines Chiropractic our Chiropractors and Podiatrist work closely together to offer the best package of care and treatment plan for patients with these conditions, resulting in a quick recovery and effective resolution of the problem.

Chiropody describes the routine areas of foot care, including treatment for corns and callus, nail care and verrucae.  Our expert Podiatrists at Staines Chiropractic are well trained in all aspects of foot care and qualified to treat patients with additional complications such as peripheral vascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes.

In the UK Podiatry and Chiropody are widely recognises and is available for some patients on the NHS.  All Podiatrists are required to be regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) which also regulates paramedics, physiotherapists and occupational therapists in the UK.

The Podiatrist at Staines Chiropractic treats a wide range of patients. Whether you have diabetes, are elderly, or are young, fit and active.

Pain or discomfort is what usually motivates someone to seek help from our podiatrist. After correctly diagnosing the problem and working out what may have caused it, we always try to provide rapid pain relief. Once you start to feel better we then aim to resolve the underlying causes of those symptoms to stop them from returning. Our Staines Podiatrist is trained to treat numerous conditions including:

  • Corns and callus
  • In Growing Toenails
  • Knee pain, Foot pain and Heel pain
  • Verrucae
  • General Nail care
  • Diabetic foot care


At Staines Chiropractic our Podiatrist also offer specialist treatments including:

  • Nail surgery for the final solution to ingrowing toenails
  • Gait analysis
  • Biomechanical treatment plans to assess lower limb function and the cause of Knee pain and Foot pain
  • Specialist verrucae removal
  • Prescription orthotics to treat knee pain and foot pain; Prevent the onset of other symptoms, and reduce the progression of deformities such as bunions.


If you are unsure whether Podiatry or Chiropody is right for you, please contact our Staines Clinic. If necessary, a complementary telephone consultation with our Podiatrist can be arranged.

Our Podiatrist is trained to use a wide range of treatment techniques that will vary for each individual dependent on the condition.  He is trained in the most up to date and evidence based treatments so you get the best care possible.  To find out what treatment involves for a specific podiatry or chiropody condition please call our Staines Clinic to discuss this with our podiatrist.

When necessary, the Podiatrist at Staines Chiropractic will often work together with other health-care providers in the area such as your GP, physiotherapist, personal trainer or a specialist

Podiatry can benefit people of all ages; from young children to the elderly with osteoarthritis.  Your Staines Podiatrist simply adapts the treatment techniques to suit your age, body type and complaint.

Initial Podiatry consultations last around 30mins and will involve:

1) History Taking and Examination – the Podiatrist will take a detailed history about your complaints followed by a thorough physical examination.
2) Diagnosis–Your Podiatrist will discuss their findings with you and explain the proposed treatment plan. By now you will have a better understanding about the problem, what caused it and how long it will take to improve. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and address any of your concerns before starting care
3) Treatment – treatment is generally started on this first visit.

Subsequent Podiatry Visits at Staines Chiropractic involve a treatment, usually followed by some advice and/or a home-exercise plan. Regular re-assessments take place to monitor your condition and ensure you are receiving the results you anticipated

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“I could not have run the London Marathon without Tristan’s help! Great advice and care in a lovely atmosphere. Thank You.”

Miss F, 32, HR Manager

“So happy with the podiatry treatment. Friendly staff, low cost and the treatments are quick and effective. My feet aren’t in pain for the first time in 10 years!”

Miss L, 18, Dental Nurse