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Meet some of our happy customers!

Thank you to all those who have taken the time to provide feedback about our services

Jon, Director HR and Facilities, Attenda (October 2014)

I cannot recommend the services and staff at Staines Chiropractic Health Centre enough. Our company organised a really tough 9 day European cycle ride for over 25 employees and clients in support of our chosen charity, with a complete mixture of experienced and novice cyclists. Without the help, advice and support of the Health Centre I am quite sure we would not have made it to the start (and finish!) lines in such good condition. I personally had a number of sports massage sessions which helped greatly with some long standing issues – I wish I had gone 3 years ago! Overall a fantastic level of help and great support from them…Thank You!

Mr P, NHS Accountant, (Jan 2014)

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“I can say without any hesitation that I have nothing but total confidence in all the treatments I have had from both Laura and Nick, and have always come away with a positive outcome.

The whole experience is fantastic, from Julie on reception who is always so friendly, welcoming and helpful…In 2013 a friend visiting from Australia had the need to receive treatment for a back problem and her feedback on her experience with Lee was equally glowing.

All in all I cannot praise the team at Staines Chiropractic highly enough. it goes without saying that I would totally recommend you to anyone. Carry on the excellent work!”

Sports Chiropractor Nick Metcalfe working with Sir Nick Faldo at his last “The Open” (St Andrews, 2016). 


Nick Faldo t-shirt


Pete Robinson , GB Rower (August 2014)

Nick’s chiropractic knowledge is backed up by his own experience in sport, giving him a great insight into how the body can get injured in the first place and what response your’re most likely to see from treatment.

He also uses skills from outside chiropractic to give a much greater flexibility in treatment options and so that a full rehabilitation programme can be instilled to prevent further injury.


Vicky, Jenny, Jackie – completed “The Race to the Stones” 100km footrace (July 2016)

“Thanks Nick, I really don’t think we could have done it without you!”


Mr P, 39, Ashford, Driver (June 2013)

Chiropractic Treatment: “I’m just emailing to let you know that my knee has improved significantly and I am actually now able to jog 2.5 miles (maybe further?) with no pain or discomfort! I believe the work you have done and the exercises set are to thank and I will keep doing the exercises in the future.

If I get any more problems in the future then I will certainly book in to see you again”

Miss E, Teacher, (Feb 2014)

“My back really troubles me at times but I know that Nick will always help me and ‘put me back together!’ I’m being honest when I say that it makes my life better to have someone to go to that I can trust. Not only Nick but everyone who works at Staines Chiropractic; Julie and Laura are so friendly and welcoming and I had a sports massage today with Naomi who was also fantastic.

You have a great team; I don’t know what I would do without you, please never move!! 🙂

Thank You!”

Mrs O, 33, Civil Servant 

“As a new runner, I experienced very bad shin pain whenever I ran. I met Nick and he went through a thorough initial examination and explained the cause of the problem quite clearly. He established a course of treatment and exercises that really helped from the start. I am now gradually increasing the time I am able to run for. I am very happy with the results!”

Mr M, 50, Egham, Software developer 

“Dry Needling for tennis elbow – I’ ve suffered with tennis elbow for a while and my GP’s suggestions were limited to less golf or anti-inflammatory tablets. A family friend recommended Staines Chiropractic and during my second visit, Laura suggested we should try some dry needling on my left arm. She inserted three tiny needles into my forearm and although it felt quite strange, it didn’t hurt. The results were amazing as it seemed to release the tightness in the muscle and the pain just evaporated away. I was able to play golf the next day without any discomfort, so I’d definitely recommend her to any other tennis elbow sufferers.”

Sir Nick Faldo, Professional Golfer and 6 times Major Championships Winner (June 2013) 

Attending for chiropractic treatment prior to his appearance at The 2013 Open Championship – Muirfield

N Faldo testimonial


Mr B, Egham, Flight Attendant (March 2013)

Chiropractic Treatment: “Excellent service, very attentive and professional. Thank you.”


Miss L, 18, Dental Nurse (May 2013)

Podiatry Treatment: “So happy with the podiatry treatment. Friendly staff, low cost and the treatments are quick and effective. My feet aren’t in pain for the first time in 10 years!”

Miss F, 32, Virginia Water, HR Manager (June 2013)

Podiatry Treatment: “I could not have run the London Marathon without Tristan’s help! Great advice and care in a lovely atmosphere. Thank You.”

Miss H, 28, Ashford, Export Clerk (Sept 2012)

Chiropractic Treatment: “Great! The results are amazing and the headaches and stress have gone. Thank you”

Mrs T, 55, Reception Manager (Feb 2013)

Acupuncture Treatment: “When I first came for treatment, I felt acupuncture was my last option of help as I had tried everything my doctor had suggested, even physio. I constantly felt unwell and was coughing endlessly. I had seven treatments in total. The first two I didn’t really notice much of a difference but after the third session my coughing reduced and by the sixth treatment I felt I could perhaps leave treatment for a month. I was amazed how much better I was feeling and the coughing had almost disappeared. I went for one more treatment and as a result I have not coughed and feel a million times better, normal in fact. I have had two colds since which I did think would aggravate my symptoms but in fact that was not the case.

Richard (acupuncturist) was very patient with me as I wasn’t totally convinced at first that he could help me but how wrong was I? I would strongly recommend this treatment and if any of my symptoms return I will be making an appointment with Richard in the first instance.”

Mrs C, 54, Egham, Manager (December 2012)

Acupuncture Treatment: “I visited Richard initially with symptoms of the menopause – I didn’t want to take HRT and wanted a more holistic way to get through it.  Even after the first treatment the night sweats diminished and the headaches lessened.  This continued to be the case and it passed off uneventfully thanks to his treatment. I continue to see Richard more for ‘general maintenance’ as I always manage to damage myself in some way and he always manages to help.  Most recently he relieved 3 months of hip pain related to a knee operation in just one session. I would highly recommend him”

Mrs R, HR manager and new Mum!, Ashford (Jan 2013) 

Chiropractic Treatment : “The opening of Staines Chiropractic meant third time lucky for my back and I. Gone were the group appointments lasting a matter of minutes with shock tactics for ensuring further appointments. These were replaced with an initial call to the wonderful Julie followed by a full and thorough consultation with the friendly & experienced care of Laura and I have not looked back.  The practice is modern, warm & comfortable and I am made to feel like part of the team rather than a patient which is why I have recommended Staines Chiropractic to so many friends. Staines Chiropractic will give you professional, experienced, friendly and affordable care”

Mr S, 26, Staines, Analyst 

“Been suffering from acute pain in the L4/5 lower spine recently, and given my history of back problems I needed an assessment/diagnosis. I found Nick extremely informative in explaining the cause and resulting issues of my back pain. This was then followed by an the opportunity to discuss the various treatment methods available, specifically what would be suitable for me personally and their particular strengths/weaknesses. Highly recommended”

Mrs H, Mum of 2, Ashford (January 2013)

Chiropractic Treatment: “I was very pleased with the results of my vist to Laura at Staines Chiropractic. I arrived in a lot of pain at 37 weeks pregnant but when I left I had a pain free weekend before the birth of my son. Staff were friendly and professional and I have already recommended the team to family and friends”

Mr M, 25, London, Solicitor

Chiropractic treatment: “Whereas most Chiropractors I’ve seen have listened for the first 15 minutes of contact then proceeded to treat only with a formulaic manipulation regime thereafter, Nick starts at step one each time assessing my condition and adapting his treatment technique to address each malady that I have brought his way.

Mrs N, 73, Sunbury, Retired (December 2012)

Chiropractic Treatment: “The clinic has a very welcoming , friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  My treatment is most expertly and efficiently carried out with effective results.  Plenty of time is allowed for each session and nothing is too much trouble”


Mrs S, 29, Accountant (Oct 2012)

Chiropractic Treatment: “Very pleased with the friendly and professional manner of all the staff. The treatment I have received exceeded my expectations and thankfully has remedied my condition”

Yvonne Brown, winner of the Antarctic Ice Marathon 2011.

Handwritten caption reads “Many thanks Nick, I would never have done it without you!!!”yvonne brown

Mr G, 26, Twickenham, Banker 

“Fantastic service all around. I rang for an appointment and Nick saw me on the same day. When I arrived I couldn’t move my neck and shoulders. By the time I left I was almost back to normal! Nick was professional and welcoming, explaining exactly his process of diagnosis and treatment so that I understood and felt comfortable throughout. He gave me a great set of exercises, stretches and treatments to continue my recovery at home. Problem solved! I highly recommend the clinic and am very grateful for their excellent assessment and treatment”

Mr S, 80, Egham, Retired 

“I sought help from Laura initially after pulling my back whilst gardening last summer. She was fantastic and explained everything in a way in which I could understand. I had never seen a chiropractor before so was a little hesitant but she made me feel at ease and helped my back pain immensely! Now I pop in to see her every now and again for check-ups to help keep the aches and pains in check. I know now that I can continue gardening without worrying and if I do hurt myself I know where to go!”

Mrs H, 55, Staines, Housewife 

Chiropractic treatment: “Laura has treated me very effectively for a chronic back complaint and for sports injuries. She is always supportive and ready to go that extra mile for her patients plus she is unfailingly good-natured and cheerful!

Without chiropractic treatment, I would not be able to lead such an active and sporty life! Thank you!”


Miss E, 32, Personal Assistant 

“I started having bad stiffness and constant pain in my shoulder and down my right arm to the extent that I found it very hard to sleep and I was in agony in my desk job.

My partner had been to see Nick Metcalfe for lower back pain with good results and suggested I’d try it out. I went to see Nick myself and he was very thorough and professional in his examination and explained the cause of the problem to me in terms that where very easy to understand. I then began treatment for what was a vertebrae issue causing nerve pinching in my neck.

I had relief from pain within a day of the first treatment and long term relief after 2 to 3 months. Knowing my sister has had the same issue and has had to have spinal surgery to solve it, I am happy to say that I am now 5 months down the line, the pain is gone and I literally have got my life back.

Thank you!”

Mrs D, 31, Egham, Full-Time Mum 

“I suffered from low back pain during my first pregnancy and just put up with it. During my 2nd, a friend that had just given birth suggested I go and see Laura, as she had when she was pregnant.

As with any expectant mum I was nervous and slightly scared of what the treatment involved and the safety of it. However, after meeting Laura and talking through my problem it seemed I had nothing to worry about. The treatments were gentle and so comfortable even when the bump got bigger and bigger! I was treated right up until the birth and then a few weeks after Lilly was born.

I can’t recommend Laura enough, her friendly and approachable nature really puts you at ease. Lilly was checked over when she was 2 weeks old, and my 4 year old son when he fell at nursery and I’ve sent my husband in too!“


Mrs K, 28, London, Interpreter/Translator 

“A few years ago I sustained a slipped disc and sciatica which caused me extreme pain and discomfort. The NHS told me the waiting list was 8 months long to see someone so I decided to go private which was the best choice I ever made.

The treatment I received was personalised to my injuries and the frequency of my visits to the chiropractor were gradually reduced from twice a week to once in 6 weeks as I got better. The exercises I was given help incredibly.

I live my very busy life and by continuing my exercises and having an occasional check-up it keeps things well. Nick is a very pleasant person, and doesn’t frown upon alternative medicine such as acupuncture or various supplements which I think is great and rare in a doctor’s world. Now thanks to Nick I can function like a normal human being again!

Thank you!”


Mrs H, 65, Staines, Retired (October 2012)

Chiropractic Treatment: “Very pleased with everything. Great atmosphere and fantastic help from everyone concerned. Extremely professional from the first consultation and very caring. Will continue to visit as recommended for as long as required! Far better then waiting lists for NHS. No longer in pain!”

Miss W, 30, Teacher 

“After suffering exercise related pain in my hip and lower back, I received treatment from Nick that helped alleviate the pain almost immediately.

The care was always excellent and I was pleased to be feeling better so quickly. I was able to resume my regular exercise routine without any further pain. I found the whole experience professional and caring and would recommend them to anyone.”

Mrs S, 42, Chertsey, HR manager 

Chiropractic treatment: “I have always had chiropractic treatment over years. Since I moved to the area I have been seeing Laura and the treatments have been great. I work long hours and am often travelling so it can be hard to schedule in appointments, however they are extremely accommodating and efficient at the clinic and the late evening appointments work well.“

Mrs S, 71, Retired (December 2013)

“Thanks to Staines Chiropractic’s expertise I am looking forward to my first pain free Christman in three years! It’s amazing! I really appreciated the warm and friendly welcome I received on my first visit and subsequent apointments and the way the chiropractor explained the treatment and took on board my concerns and fears.”

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